tetris 2oo5 - get the speed (Version 1.2)

Content of this help
1. Features
2. Requierements
3. Game types
4. Additional keys
5. Highscore
6. History
7. Errors
8. Contact

1. Features^
  • 4 different game types
  • simple and easy control system
  • player profiles for individual adaption
  • particle effects
  • language support: german, english
  • many changing background images
  • grafical user interface
  • huge highscore system
  • support for newbies, like transparent preview
  • computer players

2. Requierements^
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher is needed unconditional
  • 1 GHz prozessor (when possible better)
  • new grafic card (some problems reported with laptop grafic cards)

3. Game types^

Game type 1: Singleplayer classic

The objective of this game type is to get as much as possible points. You get points if a complete row is filled with stones. This row is removed after this. The basic point value depends on the amount of simultany removed rows:

  • 1 row: 10 points
  • 2 rows: 50 points
  • 3 rows: 100 points
  • 4 rows: 200 points

This basic point value is multiplied with the multiplier. The level increments after each game minute. The game speed depends on the level. After each third level change the multiplier is increased. The advance describes how much procent of your personal highscore are reached.

Game type 2: Singleplayer job mode

This game type is very similar to classic game type. But now the multiplier is not automatically increased, but only if all jobs are completed. The jobs to complete are shown to the left.

  • 3 - remove 3 rows at one time
  • 4 - remove 4 rows at one time
  • 2x - remove at least one row with 2 sequent stones
  • 3x - remove at least one row with 3 sequent stones

If all jobs are completed, the multiplier is increased to the next prime number.

Game type 3: Multiplayer Human-Human

In contrast to the singleplayer game type, here are no points but victories. You are victorious if the other one looses, this is if there is no place for his next stone. To accelerate the progress, if more than 1 row is removed with one stone, than these rows are put under the stones of the other player.

Game type 4: Multiplayer Human-Computer

Exactly like the game type Human-Human here is everything about victories. The difference is that the opponent is the computer. The level of the computer will be adjusted. If the computer looses his level will increase, if he wins his level is decreased.

4. Additional keys^
Beside the adjustable keys there are the folowing:
ESCpauses the game or quits the menu
Entershows information about the procentual distribution of the stones
F1switches the computer aid in singleplayer game types
F9switches between window and fullscreen mode
F11creates a screenshot of the current Screen
1quick selection of the 1. player in the menu
2quick selection of the 2. player in the menu
3quick switch of the players in the menu

5. Highscore (Status from 17.12.2005)^

Here the best results of players are published. To get into this list, you have to send your user file to this email adress: SamuelPlentz@web.de The user files are located in the "data" directory of the Installation directory.

NameTotal sumESP 1ESP 2MSP 2Games

Total sum=ESP 1+ESP 2+1000*MSP 2

6. History^

Here is a small list with changes between the versions

Version 1.2 (11.06.2005)

  • language support: german, english
  • new personal highsore at the end of singleplayer game type
  • new background images
  • new skin: golden
  • new skin for stones (10 exemplars)
  • menu borders, icons and stones with alpha blending
  • update of the highscores

Version 1.1 (29.01.2005)

  • new key to drop stone immediately
  • game over message added
  • tab key error finally removed
  • preview transparence is adjustable
  • important fix of an error in the text ;-)

Version 1.01 (24.01.2005)

  • Hotfix: tab key error apparently removed
  • new skin: round

Version 1.0 (21.01.2005)

  • new game type: multiplayer human-computer
  • new grafical user interface with mouse support
  • clearly arranged highscore
  • readme added
  • installations routine added
  • window for confirmation promt
  • volume of sounds is adjustable

Version 0.9 - never published

  • new game type: Singleplayer job
  • improved particle effects by additive alpha blending
  • outro added
  • new design
  • new colors for the stones
  • player profiles
  • contols simplified much
  • multitasking ability
  • added technical aids: transparent preview and guide lines
  • inverse gravity mode added
  • detailed adjustable key sensibility
  • progress and multiplier display added
  • highscore extended
  • error display added
  • procentual distribution of the stones added

First version (01.07.2004)

  • 2 game types: singleplayer and multiplayer
  • particle effects
  • many background images
  • simple highscore for singleplayer

7. Errors^

If an error occurs, please send me the file "DirectX Fehler.txt" with an acurate description of the error to this email adress: SamuelPlentz@web.de This file is located in the instalation directory.

If an error occurs you could check this list to avoid errors:

  • Is DirectX 9.0c or higher installed?
  • Is the newest driver of the grafic card installed?

8. Contact^

This program is freeware. It was programmed of Samuel Plentz. The game consists of 5209 lines of code. (173 KB) If you have accolades, criticism or improvement proposals, then send me an email: SamuelPlentz@web.de
If you want to translate the language files to your language, I will add your language in the next game version.

The newest version of tetris 2oo5 is available on my homepage:

Have fun playing.