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25.12.2009 Reviewed the links and added 1 new joke.
29.01.2011 ZlangoWe became parents of a little son that brings much joy to our life.

The Homepage has a new address: www.Familie-Plentz.de
25.12.2009 Added 9 new jokes.
02.07.2009 pdfSamuels dissertation is finished.
The homepage was revised and there are 2 new jokes.
28.12.2008 More pictures from our wedding are online.
23.11.2008 First pictures from our wedding and the honeymoon in Spain.
Also added some other pictures from the year 2008.
01.11.2008 ZlangoMany new things. Most important:
We got married.

The homepage has a new design. There is also a new joke, some new links and a history of old designs from this page in the gallery.


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